The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community has a tradition in making collections anchored by hair and beauty but exploring so many more important thematic concepts. Their most recent collection, Deeds Not Words, is devoted to the strength of women, and with International Women’s Day today, March 8th, it’s particularly essential viewing.

Helmed by business and life partners Brett McKinnon and Brett Albury, the pair are committed to creating editorial art that gives voice to the causes that they are passionate about. The salon is a vocal supporter of Marriage Equality, contributes to anti-trafficking charity Hagar, volunteers at the Asylum Seeker Centre cutting hair for displaced people, and donates to Médecins Sans Frontières through their colour tube sales. Philanthropy and advocacy is core to the salon as a whole.

Their latest collection focuses on their support of strong women, particularly through recent experiences such as the #MeToo campaign. The ability of women to rise up in 2017 and reclaim their identities and place in the workforce inspired the salon to represent these strong women editorially. Brett and Brett invited friends and clients to be involved in the shoot. The collection’s title is taken from Emmeline Pankhurst’s slogan during the Suffragette movement.

The collection was shot by renowned photographer Cybele Malinowski, who has photographed strong women such as Lorde and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. She also appeared in the collection itself alongside her mother, who used to be a model.

“My mum is why I am a photographer,” Cybele shared. “She gave me the opportunity, the strength, self-belief and support to do whatever my tempestuous mind put itself to. Having her on the shoot, seeing what I do on a daily basis, working with incredible teams like Murphy Gozzard, and getting her in front of the camera, reminding her of how incredible she is – I can’t think of a more rewarding shoot.”

Other women included in the shoot were former Former Alderman of the City of Sydney Kathryn Greiner and her barrister daughter Kara Greiner, emphasising Kathryn’s incredible work supporting aged care, cancer treatment and advocacy against child abuse. Sarah Reilly, who works in community planning and consulting, and her high school student daughter Reilly Seet, were also captured in the editorial piece.

“Equality, honesty, respect and trust are values which everyone has the right to, no matter their gender, so we wanted to create a series of images celebrating people who, to us encapsulate those very ideas,” said Brett Albury.

The collection as a whole champions women, and the way women continue to pass on strength, rebellion and power to the next generation of their daughters. It’s the relationships, idea and actions that will spur the great female revolution of our time – and Murphy Gozzard has captured it perfectly.


Photographer Cybele Malinowski
Styling: Lydia-Jane Saunders
Make-up: Kimberley Forbes @ Network Agency

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