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Sharon Blain’s latest editorial offering is comprised of seasonal inspired trends and a mix of classic and innovative skills that come effortlessly for the styling maestro. In the Nouveau collection, models are converted into characters with the aid of makeup, fashion and lighting, with detailed, intricate hair anchoring each bold look.

Dramatic texture, complex braids and intricately crafted ponytails, up styles and shapes define the collection aesthetic, with nods to classic hair such as 40s waves, romantic deconstructed chignons and modern twists on old Hollywood looks. Clothing was sourced from college graduates to support the overall youthful hair designs.

The collection is imbued with a strong editorial feel, but is also entirely relevant to salon hairdressers looking to create glamorous formal or wedding hair. Surprisingly, the styles are actually low maintenance and simple to achieve, especially with Sharon Blain’s inimitable form of education leading the charge.

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