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View Sharon Blain’s Ultra Collection

Sharon Blain is back with a new collection, focused on the latest fashion trends as well as gender neutrality. The Ultra collection showcases Sharon’s trademark long hair styling and top quality hair care in long locks and wild curls, without Sharon’s more usual up styling. The result is a very modern testament to the power of quality, luxury hair.

The fashion styling was comprised of oversized jackets, men’s shirts with big wide cuffs with extra-long sleeves and baggy cuffed pants, with these garments presenting a centrepiece and muse for the collection.

“To complement the fashion, each hair look explored technique, versatile and simplicity. Hence, the deconstruction textures, tousled curls and soft movement,” Sharon said. “The hair was crafted with unique setting patterns to achieve this bold modern trend. The sexy feminine hair fused perfectly with the styling, while delivering a strong editorial intention.”

Shot in black and white, finished with bold makeup and anchored by covetable hair and fashion that you could create in your salon (with the right amount of skill), Ultra is the ultimate encapsulation of modern, chic and ever-trending hair. See the full collection below.


Hair: Sharon Blain

Photographer: Monica Buscarino

Hair assistant: Tammy Thai

Makeup: Matt Hornby 

Styling: Courtney Humphreys 

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