In a challenging year of, often, distance and adversity, salon team spirit and camaraderie, from staying connected to checking in with, supporting and encouraging each other, has been more paramount than ever. One major way to sustain this team spirit is by communally investing in creativity and artistry and, as such, the recently announced Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFAs) Artistic Team of the Year winning collection is inspiring in a myriad of ways.

Created by the Masci Hair and Spa Art Team, consisting of hairdressers Jess Quinlan, Liv Oudy, Ying-Sun Li and Paige Johnston, with photography by Andrew O’Toole, makeup by Kylie O’Toole and fashion styling by Leroy Lorenzo, the Rouge collection catches the eye.

The collection is rooted in the colour red, which boldly comes through the image in bright red fashion styling, often made even more interesting through unique textures, shapes and patterns, bright red and pink eyes and cheeks in the beauty looks and the hair looks themselves. Amidst gravity-defying shapes, wet styles and wearable details in blonde and brunette hair looks, a hero pink bob and bright red, exaggerated braids showcase the collection’s creative diversity. Set against a beige, neutral backdrop and furnishing, these audacious choices stand out even further.

To discover the Rouge collection is to be enveloped in its ode to the colour red and the creativity that puts that hue on a pedestal. Congratulations to Masci for showing us the true meaning of artistry and team work.