The inaugural Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative) 2021 brought the industry together again, inspiring the broader hairdressing community by highlighting enormous talent in the salon community. The pinnacle of these awards is Australian Hairdresser of the Year, this year awarded to Dee Parker Attwood, whose winning collection, titled Donna, is a must-see expression of colour, joy and skill.

“This collection was about coming out of the darkness and into the light after a challenging year for all,” Dee said. “Pushing boundaries creatively using bright colour work, strong haircuts and original hair styling. I wanted to create the perfect harmony between beautiful and technically clever. I had extra time on my hands, so I made flowers and hearts out of hair and coloured much of the hair myself. We shot this collection on a rooftop to use the ultimate lighting setup – sunshine.”

Dee is a celebrated industry icon, as a multi-award winning editorial artist and co-owner and Artistic Director of Wieselmann salon in Melbourne. Her career spans over 20 years, accumulating a myriad of national and international accolades, now added to in this platform. Her passion and talent propels the industry, and the Donna collection evokes that in its artistic expression.

“Dee is the perfect example of an industry leader and has been such an inspiring force for those around her. I am so excited to have her as an ambassador for the awards program and her local area. As with all our 2021 winners she is looked to both nationally and globally as an innovator in technique, trend and service,” said Owner and Publisher of Mocha Publishing, Linda Woodhead.

See the full collection here and allow it to inspire you.


Hairdresser: Dee Parker Attwood
Photographer: Andrew O’Toole
Makeup: Kylie O’toole
Styling: Karly Brown
Colour: Dee Parker Attwood/ Katie Ryman