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View the Aura Collection from Sally Brooks

Sally Brooks’ influence spans continents, and her latest collection – Aura – shows exactly why. This haunting group of ethereal images shows technical skill of the highest variety and is here to inspire you.

“For me, it’s always about creating something beautiful and beauty comes in so many ways,” Sally explained. “This collection is about creating eight individual images that are timeless beauty. I design most of the looks on the day when I see the clothes, the models and lighting. For this collection I really wanted a ‘collection’ of individual images that are stand-alone pictures, working with movement and textures and combining the clothes, the model and the moment. Each image is individual – each image is its own image.”

Some of those individual aesthetics include a hero rainbow coloured Mohawk style, a multidimensional blue undercut and an equally dynamic blue bob, rich curls, vivid violet long locks and floral patterns imbedded in the hair look.

There’s more than enough inspiration to motivate your creative impulses. Check out the full collection below.


Hair: Sally Brooks, Brooks & Brooks, London  

Make-up: Violet Zeng

Styling: Ann Shore

Photographs: Jenny Hands

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