Colour meets culture – that’s the hybrid Colture collection name from Stevie English, with a new group of images that showcase a cohesive collection of blended colours and texture. Haircuts and styling complement the colour to show off Stevie’s personal colour aesthetic, with every facet of the collection made to support this end goal.

In terms of styling, a neutral, colour-less palette was used, with clothing variation created through style, texture and overall minimalism. A slight edge to the jewellery adds detail, but still allows for prime focus to be on the hair. Minimal makeup builds on that, with a restrained look that once again allows the hair to shine.

“My inspiration was something that I read about colour and texture in fabric, that colours appear different depending on how the fabric absorbs or reflects light. I have always referred to hair as my ‘fabric’ and this concept really spoke to me,” Stevie said. “I have created texture in each hairstyle that can make the colour appear more intense, and playing, double textures and smooth shapes allowed light to give the colour more dimension. The styling in both hair and fashion was designed to complement the colour work. The depth in the colour is accentuated by the hair texture and style, which was my plan.”

This collection is made to inspire clients and other hairdressers in equal measure, showcasing the wearability of both dimensional colour, and motivating you to get the most comprehensive textures and designs out of your colour work.

See the full collection below.


Collection: Colture

Hair: Steve Corthine

Salon: Stevie English Hair

Photographer: David Mannah

Stylist: Josie McManus

Makeup: Pablo Morgad