Ultra-cool men’s hair is here with the Deco collection by Gregson Gastar of BG’s Lounge in Adelaide, creating a male aesthetic that is on trend relevant in today’s fashion world but harks back to the past. The collection showcases style and growth with graphic inspiration directly derived from the 1920s – think The Great Gatsby and the Art Deco era (hence the name) for the symmetrical, linear aesthetic inspiration of the collection, while more personal memories inform other elements.

“The Deco Collection mainly drew inspiration from holistic Australia – the architecture, the coastline and the environment as a whole,” Gregson said. “This part of the concept translates to the hair styling. Here we are looking at the angles, textures and shapes. Influences were greatly present during the car ride across Australia to relocate from Brisbane to Adelaide. Things that stood out were the coastline, the man made modern marvels and of course, those sculpted by nature. Stumbling across a pink salt lake was unlike anything – this theme of vibrant colour translated into the collection as being a splash of life to tie everything together, much like it did the trip.”

That 1920s era texture and metallic styling became a defining vidual factor in the collection for its use of shine. Shine was used in the collection in the beauty and makeup looks, realistically tying in with the art deco theme. The lighting is similarly reminiscent of this era, highlighting dewy skin and adding sharpness and masculinity to the look.

“When creating the hairstyle, I wanted to incorporate the essence that was captured while traveling across Australia – nature and architecture,” Gregson said. “This was achieved in a few different aspects. Wet looks that featured solid forms, constructed yet still fluid, for a feathered, rough and wind-swept wild style. Both of these styles are prime examples of a marriage between architecture and nature.”

See the full collection below.


Hair, Styling, & Photography: Gregson Gastar

Salon: BG’s Lounge, Adelaide

Make-Up Artist: Chawee Moyle