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The Disturbia collection, created by Zoe Wilde, will put that Rihanna song (and concept) right in your head, with a black and white group of images hero’d by their omnipresent mood and creative hair looks. Clashing textures, bold shapes and intricate techniques define the hair aesthetic, giving the sense of imprisonment in one’s own mind.

“In my opinion, I think Rihanna is talking about the monster in herself that haunts her, disturbs her, and it is trying to take over her,” Zoe said. “She knows she can’t get rid of the monster so she has to dominate it or work along with it but never be slave to it. Lyrically, the song is about the experiences of anguish, anxiety and confusion.”

Zoe aimed to create work that would showcase that internal monster in an artistic and more external way. The muted palette and closed in photography style created this claustrophobic feel to evoke that haunting feeling of imprisonment with one’s own mental demons. Braided hair techniques and styles that covered the face continued the theme of imprisonment.

The beauty look used concrete, mud and clay to create texture and offer a statuesque and cracked skin look, showing the models breaking free from their prison and coming alive again.

Check out the full visceral collection below.


Collection Name: Disturbia

Hair: Zoe Wilde

Photography: Carl Keeley

Make-up: Lizzie Sharp


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