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View the Eclipse Collection by Stevie English

Steve Corthine (otherwise known as Stevie English) is a colour legend and his recent award win for Colour Technician of the Year at Hair Expo 2018 was hardly unexpected. That honour was given for his Eclipse collection, a bold and beautiful group of images that aim to showcase colour as a natural phenomenon, as well as displaying Stevie’s own personal colour aesthetic.

The styling and aesthetic brief took inspiration from space movies in the 60s and 70s, including a low-fi photographic style and pared back looks while, more specifically, moon shapes were used in the accessories. Ethereal, slightly blurred beauty was a feature, with light makeup and powdery textures used to represent the way the eclipse looks from earth, and how it appears due to light and dust particles. Pale faces also mimiced the surface of the moon in this scientific interpretation to beauty.

Working with hairdresser Kobi Bokshish, also of the Matrix team, Stevie used this lunar eclipse reference to push the full aesthetic into its space-like, futuristic vibe, without being too clichéd. He hopes the trendy dual-toned pastels used will empower clients to take more colour risks and embrace these tones as everyday colours.

“The colour work represents the stages of a lunar eclipse, the haircuts were designed to take classic shapes or silhouettes on a futuristic voyage,” Stevie explained. “The styling and makeup are the moonscape on which the light reflects, creating the rainbow colours of the eclipse. All the elements of the collection were designed to complement the hair colour and not the other way around.”

“Hair is the ultimate accessory, and I have long thought that coloured toners are almost universally flattering and would like to see more people ‘wearing’ these colours,” he continued. “I also like that pastels are easier to change, so consumers can experiment with colour without a major commitment. Makeup is having a major moment right now and creative hair colours are not too far behind – they are both easy ways to enhance one’s appearance and society is more geared towards appearance than ever before.”

See the full collection below.


Hair colour – Stevie English

Hair Stylist – Kobi Bokshish

Photography – David Mannah

Make-Up Artist – Chereine Waddell

Styling – Lydia Jane Saunders

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