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Tarik Jaservic debuts the Eclipse collection, a striking group of black and white images set atop pastel backgrounds, with unique hair shapes and textures to truly catch the eye. Between the colour, editorial choices and Avant Garde hair looks, the collection stands out in both its overall aesthetic and smaller details.

Images one is set on peach, with a more commercial style that the artist hopes one “could run [their] fingers through” – à la Vidal Sassoon. Look two is a much more geometric iteration, set on blue, also using Vidal Sassoon’s aesthetic theories by utilising colour contrast for a contemporary pixie cut.

“Look three thrusts Sassoon’s smooth bob style into the future as imagined by Lagerfeld or Jean Paul Gaultier,” Tarik explained of the third look, designed on pink and standing out as a hero style. “In common with Sassoon and the rest of the Eclipse collection the design emphasises the organic texture and plasticity of the hair. Hair is an adornment, a piece of clothing, a part of nature and a part of society. In this design all these boundaries are crossed, exaggerated, broken apart and put together again.”

Look four is created on yellow with a reworked bob harking to gender fluidity, using varied techniques such as the roll, twist and razor cut to become something totally new.

Look five, set on green, is another hero look. “This radical design contains two extremes: long, highly textured curls with a smooth, square, beehive,” Tarik said. “The design is both natural looking and completely artificial. As with the work of Lagerfeld, it suggests a uniform with fantastic style. And in the spirit of Sassoon it places the hair and the individuality of the wearer centre stage.”

The final look fuses a reworked Sassoon inspired pixie cut and a traditional masculine crew cut, with texture and colour adding dynamic to the style, set on lilac. “The look is easy going but with a sharp, confident style based on clean lines the hug the contours of the head. The style evokes the boldness and freshness of 1960s fashion,” Tarik explained.

Check out the full collection below.


Collection Name: Eclipse

Hairdresser: Tarik Jasarevic

Colourist: Tarik Jasarevic

Salon: MR.T Salon  @mrtsalon

Photographer: Jason Lau

Fashion Stylists: Dina Jasarevic

Make Up Artist: Victoria Masima

Product company: Matrix/MR.T Haircare

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