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Award ceremonies often point to the future of the industry, in awards such as Newcomer of the Year at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards, this year won by Jessica Sutherland of Rokk Ebony for her Flawsome collection. The collection incorporated short haircuts and barbering skills on six female models, showcasing their individualistic, unique beauty.

The collection is titled Flawsome as a term coined by Tyra Banks – that is, something that is awesome because of its flaws. Jessica used her love of short hair to create look that embrace confidence and a strong sense of self, breaking our notions of traditional femininity.

“There is a common misconception that women with short hair appear masculine and are less desirable than they would be with long hair – especially to men,” Jessica said. “My goal was to break that stigma, and create looks that complement the wearer.  Length aside, women need to feel comfortable, desirable and work with what they’ve got!”

The collection was very much anchored by haircutting techniques, with styling and colour kept to a minimum to emphasise these skills, and no wigs or hair wefts used in creating the completely authentic looks. The collection is shot in black and white to showcase the detail and focus on the shapes created. Subtle makeup and styling also draws on this theme.

“The collection draws on structured shapes from iconic looks of the 90s era, which were then modernised with different styling techniques,” Jessica said. “As well as current fashion forecasting showing a heavy 90’s influence, It was also an era that celebrated the rise of ‘girl power’ – a slogan that encourages women’s empowerment and confidence.”

“Shape and texture are the most important elements of the collection,” she continued. “The inspiration of the 90s era is reflected in the shape, with strong technically perfect haircuts.  The dishevelled and textured styling techniques symbolise ‘Flawsome’ – take perfection, crush it and be awesome!”

Check out the collection below.


Hair: Jessica Sutherland (@rokkjess) 

Salon: Rokk Ebony @rokk_ebony

Makeup: Sarah Baxter  

Styling: Milana De Mina 

Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnaird 


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