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Two local hair legends, Kobi Bokshish and Stevie English, combined to create a bold and enthralling collection, titled Galaxia. The fittingly extra-terrestrial aesthetic achieves this vibe with a multi-dimensional, unique and Avant Garde approach to colour, cut, shape and style.

“I believe that humanity is defined by the notion that we are dissatisfied creatures, always searching and yearning for more, driving our curiosity to the edges of the Earth and beyond towards our galaxy,” said Kobi.

“Our newest collection, GALAXIA, celebrates what it means to be a vulnerable, curious and playful human. Through the experimentation of colour, shape, form, abstraction, texture and asymmetry, this collection pushes the limits and explores the boundaries of what we can do, taking aesthetic influence from the bright hues, cascades of light and fragmented forms of our galaxy and the industrial elements of human exploration.”

Interwoven styles, blunt bobs, beaded details, golden accents, afro shapes, undercuts, multi-tonal colours and hair accessories are just some of the aesthetic highlights that heighten the collection.

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Concept & Hair: Kobi Bokshish
Colourist: Stevie English
Salon: Intershape
Photographer: David Mannah
Make-Up: Lizzi Sharp
Styling: Lydia-Jane Saunders
Film: Jarred Stedman


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