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rokk ebony’s all new collection, as created by hairdresser Adam Isles and colourist Charlene Fernandez, was inspired by the diverse women who emerge from our eclectic environment, with confidence, style, attitude and hair all a product of this dynamic world.

“Living in Melbourne, it is safe to say we are never short of inspiration,” the duo explained. “We are a city that is jam packed with individuals from all over the world that have chosen to settle in our blossoming city, where all are free to showcase and merge our styles. Collaboration is important to us on many levels. We gain direction in our craft from the many Melbourne based creative collabs that we are a part of. In creating ‘Habitat’ we wanted to highlight the magic we see when diverse humans mould our environment and ultimately show the distinct beauty that comes through when this infusion takes place.”

Specifically, the team were inspired by the fresh approach to lighting and photography that’s true of many Aussie publications, as well as the women of the Melbourne art scene in their bespoke styles and freedom of expression.

“Understated raw hair with attitude,” they said. “Colours that are pared back to the raw natural pigments but executed with a strong bold contrast. This combination of underlying pigments, natural roots and complimentary colours bring an element of beauty to the unusual placement these contrasting areas. The term ‘colour contouring’ is taken to the extreme, highlighting quite obviously where we would like the eye to go.”

“Utilising the natural hair directions and textures have allowed each look and shape to be perfectly moulded and to convey a fresh lived in look. Graphic shapes have been softened with a natural organic finish,” they continued.

Championing individual beauty – habitat celebrates the environment, the people and the women that make our local landscape so enticing.




COLOURIST: Charlene Fernandez


PRODUCER: Stephanie Cammarano


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