The Hair Expo Awards last week proved a huge night for a fair few hairdressing legends and this hairdresser and collection was one of the ultimate victors. Elle Schoemaker of Stelios Papas Toowong walked away with two trophies, both for her evocative Quintessence collection, earning her the titles of both Creative Force of the Year and Queensland Hairdresser of the Year. View the awe-inspiring images to realise just why.

The Quintessence collection is set on a soft, beige background, with textured, white fashion styling and a beauty look anchored by glowing cheeks and peach eyes and lips defining the overall palette. The hair looks stand out within this unified aesthetic, showcasing their diversity and skill with every new image.

Hero hair looks include a glitzy Cleopatra-style black, blunt bob, a top knot so intricate we’re still trying to decipher it, a blonde short crop made up of clashing layers and sections and a bold up style comprised of three weaved ponytails for ultimate movement and Avant Garde shape. The collection inspires editorially with audacious choices but always finds the true beauty in the look, even providing elements of wearability to take back to your salon.

Check out all the images below and offer Elle a double congratulations!


Hair: Elle Schoemaker – Stelios Papas Toowong

Colour: Kristie Kesic

Photography: Georgia Wallace

Makeup: Xenia Elise

Styling: Jess Collins