Winning in each state at the Hair Expo Awards is an impressive honour, something each local community can rally behind as the best in their state is awarded, and this year’s winners represent that with pride. Nathan Cherrington of Salon Zephyr took home the honour for NSW for the second year in a row, winning for his alluring Savage Beauty collection.

Shrouded in shadowy light, the collection paints a regal opulence with its mood and fashion styling. Models wear evocative fabrics, such as silks and tulle, in rich yellow, red and variations of gold and copper, against a metallic copper backdrop. The hair looks modernise this aesthetic, showing off contemporary cuts, wild curls and covetable long hair. A hero look plays with dreadlocks, up styled to create true originality.

In the hair, fashion styling and poses, the collection shines in its interesting shapes and captivating overall aesthetic. Check out the full winning collection below.


Hair: Nathan Cherrington

Photography: Andrew O’Toole

Makeup: Kylie O’Toole

Styling: Melissa Nixon