We’re bringing you some inspiration from the West to make your week, as winning WA/NT collection Minimalist motivates you in its artistry. The images evoke the collection name in their lack of clothing, unified grey palette and backdrop, absence of all colour and natural makeup. All focus is put on the hair, bold accessories and the shapes created by the models’ angular posing in this memorable offering from Hayley Keep of Perth salon Earth, Wind and Fire Hair.

Connected through the strong overall aesthetic of the collection, the hair looks vary from long, voluminous lengths and textures, to cool short crops, a hero shape built by sectioning and weaving, and the messy top knot of your clients’ dreams. Dually wearable and artistic, these looks employ creative accessorising to take on a regal quality, with the models becoming a modern, editorially inspired iteration of Cleopatra, without any of the literal interpretation.

Sure to draw you in with its savvy and unique approach to fashion styling, colour and editorial aesthetic, Minimalist is a winners in both its details and its overall essence. See the full collection below.


Hair: Hayley Keep

Photography: Meiji Nuguyen

Stylist: Suzana Paravac

Makeup artist: Vikki Aldridge