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View The Hair Expo WA/NT Hairdresser of the Year Collection

Introducing The Individualist, a collection by Pauline McLaughlin (nee McCabe) spurred by Fashion Week and the individual aesthetics she observed there. The eclectic and bold collection earned Pauline the title of Western Australian/Northern Territory Hairdresser of the Year at the recent Hair Expo Awards.

“It’s a collection about honouring who we are, being brave, true and strong, not conforming or following,” Pauline explained. “It’s going our own way and being proud of who we are, our own way of seeing the world and expressing ourselves and lets us honour the individual in the people around us.”

Sleek short hair looks and up styles define the collection, with multi-layered cuts, structured and interesting beehive shapes, coils and intricate details, alongside interesting textures and adornments, drawing the viewer in. These techniques make up the individualistic woman Pauline wanted to exemplify.

“She is a cultural influencer and activist, with multiple interests and a quirky personality that reflects in her style,” Pauline said. “Her look is mismatched – mixed media with unexpected details. She is always ahead of the game.”

See the full collection below.


Hair: Pauline McLaughlin
Photography: Jeremy Choh
Stylist: Zoe Van Zanten
Make-Up: Janelle Han


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