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Kristie Kesic (colour) and Elle Schoermaker (style), both from Stelios Papas Toowong salon, combined to create the Horizon collection, a vivid editorial group of images fittingly inspired by the natural hues of the horizon in the desert. The collection was nominated for the title of 2018 Hair Expo Colour Technician of the Year for its efforts.

“I took inspiration from the beauty in the ripples and textures the warm wind leaves behind in the sand as the sun sets on the horizon of the desert,” Kristie said. “It’s these colours and tones and textures that create my collection.”

Shape and texture is used to harmoniously contour the form of the hair, while contrasting and softly layered hues draws the eye to these stylistic movements. Kristie also added intentionally placed colour that points out new and dynamic detail with every look. Dimension is key, with strong shapes softened by colour and an intricate balance and interplay of techniques combining for a beautiful result.

Supported with a pink backdrop, white fashion styling and soft but powerful copper-based beauty choices, the horizon collection is modern, salon-relevant and draws from the most awe-inspiring canvas there is – nature – to inspire in kind.

View the full collection below.


Hair Colourist: Kristie Kesic

Hair Stylist: Elle Schoermaker

Salon: Stelios Papas Toowong

Makeup: Gemma Elaine


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