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Zoe Wilde’s Isolated collection tackles an important subject matter, building from her 2017 Warrioress collection, which focused on domestic violence, to demonstrate similar and additional themes around this issue. Isolated relates mostly to the aftermath and mental state of those experiencing domestic violence, writing words from the 90s song Glycerin by Bush on the models’ faces to reinforce the theme.

The words include the terms ‘not’, ‘regress’, ‘alone’, ‘could’, ‘skin’ and ‘just’ to showcase the feelings of hopelessness and difficulty experienced in these trying times. Additionally, the models are painted black up to the face, casting a literal shadow on their figure until the cascading words begin, and illustrating how their mental state can darken based on these thoughts. Black and white photography captures the sombre mood.

Short haircuts, varied, wispy textures, dual-tone details, hair adornments and bold shapes anchor the hair looks of the collection, merging technical ability and creativity with the pressing and significant theme. With this talent and conceptualisation in mind, Zoe was nominated for the award of NSW Hairdresser of the Year at the 2018 Hair Expo Awards, and deservedly so.

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Hair Stylist: Zoe Wilde

Photographer: Carl Keeley

Make-Up Artist: Lizzie Sharp

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