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Based on the glow of the moon and the darkness and light it possesses, as represented by the goddess Luna, a feminine figure said to push through the darkness of the night, the Luna collection, created by colourist Charmayne Robinson and Amanda Conner in rich in symbolism and bold imagery.

The theme of the collection, created by the award-winning Papas and Pace salon, reflects strong women who push through the metaphorical dark into lightness, while more specifically taking inspiration from the moon’s shape, texture, contrast and energy during its transitions into night and daylight.

“I tried to create moving points of light and texture with colour to mirror an eclipse effect,” Charmayne explained. “Each look within the collection is in a different transition, with some looks being more illuminated and others more shadowed, creating a different energy and emotion with each individual look.”

Precise cuts, sharp layers, inspiring short hair work, undercuts and strong wild curls each make up the cut and styling of the collection. Meanwhile the thematic colour work is translucent and multi-dimensional, running the gamut of bold hues but unifying the collection in its overall application, skill and energy.

These are looks you could re-create for editorial purposes, or re-purpose in the salon with a commercial flair. The only necessity is a strong woman in the chair and a desire for contemporary, unique and thematic colour. We hope you have clients who tick all the boxes.


Colourist: Charmayne Robinson

Hairdresser: Amanda Conner

Salon: Papas and Pace

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

Fashion Stylists: Sarah Birchley

Make Up Artist: Hayley Edgar

Product Company: Redken

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