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Brodie Lee Stubbins offers a collection thematically based on Greek mythology with the Medusa collection. The titular character was described as a female monster with wings and venomous snakes rather than hair, but now this figure has been recontextualised to show off editorial hair at its finest. Medusa was described as a beautiful maiden, who angered the goddess Athena who turned her hair to serpents and stole her beauty – enter the Medusa collection to reclaim this story.

Brodie Lee took this tale to turn it on its serpent-laden head. She wanted to change the perception of strong women in ancient literature as scary and ugly, and instead aesthetically showcase this inner strength in a powerful and beautiful way.

“It seems to me that in many kinds of mythology and traditional storytelling, strong women are something to be feared and are therefore described as unattractive,” she said. “I wanted to change this tradition and create a more enchanted goddess with sheer skin and an inner beauty and strength, returning Medusa back to her original beauty and empowering her once more.”

“Taking inspiration from the runway with designers such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci with its iconic Dionysis snake charm bag and Dolce and Gabbana, I have created a strong editorial collection with a magical, powerful feel,” she continued. “Sheer clothing and nude skin combine with a magical colour palette in the hair, utilising the kind of tones familiar in mythology: amethyst, gold, rich brown and beige.”

Embellished hair texture with an organic, authentic feel was created to give the hair a very humanistic element, while every image has a wisp of imperfection to deliver this concept of a goddess with humanity fully. Overall, the collection is strong and hauntingly beautiful, showcasing the true beauty of powerful women.

See the full collection below.


Hair: Brodie Lee Stubbins

Photography: Jen Wilding

Make Up: Sarah Smith


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