The Mesmeric Collection, created by Bridie Meehan of Joey Scandizzo Salon, has found understandable acclaim, becoming one of the winners of the AHC Youthworx and Hair Shots 2 the World STAR competition, an impressive feat for Bridie’s first collection. The whimsical group of images were inspired by childhood imagination with an ethereal final aesthetic.

“My collection inspiration came from nothing in particular but purely from my imaginative state of innocence from early years,” Bridie said. “I envisioned a human-like mystical being that has magical powers and is known from its elegance and beauty. I wanted to somehow combine a memory from early childhood times from my imaginative fantasy into a feminine mesmeric collection to visualise in current times.”

“I was influenced to create this collection as I always had a vision of my first collection to be one that was captivating and beautiful, a style that reprints me as a person and what I’ve always found fascinating and alluring. I wanted textures in the hair that resembled natural elegance, movements of curly, tousled hair and even straight sleek hair,” she continued.

Alluring blue and red tones pervade the collection, colouring soft textures, floral embellishments and short and long hair cuts that showcase wisps of hair,wild curls and diverse shapes. Painted lips and opulent fashion styling ensure the final romantic touch points.

Check out the collection below.


Collection name: Mesmeric

Hairstylist: Bridie Meehan

Salon: Joey Scandizzo Salon

Photography: Karla Majnaric

Stylist: Karly Brown

Makeup: Georgia Ramman