Up and coming hairdressing talent Georgia Freedman burst out of the blocks when entering her first Australian Hair Fashion Award collection, earning herself the title of Apprentice of the Year for that collection, titled Minutiae.

“My first AHFA collection was constructed through the exploration of various cultures and traditions of Morocco, Peru and Brazil,” Georgia explained. “My attention was drawn to their eccentric, yet natural beauty; there colours, textures, architecture, traditional women and their clothing.”

“My fascination began by finding something obscure and unique and needing to discover the beauty within it,” she continued. “I researched these cultures and found certain traditional elements that may seem strange to a foreign onlooker, but after much research I began to understand and see the beauty within it. This had me thinking about perception and how differently we all see beauty in all its forms.”

Georgia’s primary objective was in championing the subjective nature of beauty, referring to the individualistic and unconventional nature of beauty that she wanted to show. She also wanted the collection to be raw and authentic and, as the title would suggest, very intricate and detailed in creating these looks.

“The six looks I created are all uniquely different, each model has an intricate hairstyle that I’ve used a range of advanced techniques to create,” Georgia said. “They tie together with the sole idea of being able to appreciate each of the looks individual beauty. By working closely with the models face shape and hair type, I was able to tailor a personal approach to each model. I wanted to enhance their natural beauty and accentuate the features that the models felt most strongly about themselves.”

Fashion and hair influences such as Alexander McQueen, Eugene Souleiman, and Robert Lobetta informed the collection. While earthy tones in lighting, background and styling, with those core cultural, textural influences, feminine styling and simple beauty finished the images.

“The end goal was to have all hair aspects in Minutiae unconventional and creative whilst keeping the overall collection concept beautiful,” Georgia said.

View the full collection below.


Hairdresser: Georgia Freedman

Photographer: Elizabeth Kinnaird
Stylist: Gemma Adams
Models: Kiara Serpanchy, Sophie Mitchell, Tyler Feldman, Sarah Holmes,
Matilda Anders & Charlotte Treacy