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Believe it or not, this alluring collection, titled Mobius, is Jacky Quon’s first professional editorial collection and introduction to the world of competitive hairdressing. Jacky has been hairdressing since 2008 in Tasmania and is the manager at De Stijl Hair salon, with her career reaching new heights in the last year. Mobius is at the centre of that development, catching eyes for its unique aesthetic.

The aim was to create a series of images that demonstrate the fluidity of geometric design (mobius strip) with retro pop art undertones in all areas of hairstyling,” Jacky explained. “The final collection focused solely on the hair and the strong profile of the female image, prevalent in pop art imagery by artists such as Roy Lichtenstein. Every image has aspects of the genre such as thick, black outlines and bold, vintage colours.”

“To represent the Ben-day dots that made Lichtenstein famous, I have also included some form of deconstruction or tessellation in the hair, which also underscores the geometric aspects of the concept,” he continued. “This is further enhanced by the motion of the hair continuing outside of the borders, like the continuous twisted line of a mobius strip.   Just as Lichtenstein honoured the concept of making new from old; I have taken heavy inspiration from other hairdressers. We can’t invent anything in this world which is not there already. It’s about seeing in a different way. “

The modern collection is underscored by bold graphics, shapes and colours, taking the skilful hair techniques and designs to another level and representing both retro aesthetic aspects and our futuristic era.

“I have also created a parody of the influence of technology on our industry, a craft that can only be enhanced by tech but not dominated by it,” Jacky said. “The art is in the hair, but the collection is in the graphics. The details on the images are all hand-drawn and not a copy of the photograph – a testament to the incredible skills of the designer.”

Check out the full collection below.


Name of Collection: Mobius

Salon: De Stijl Hair, Hobart @destijl.hairsalon

Hairdresser and Colourist: Jacky Quon

Photographer: Kishka Jensen @kishkajensen

Make Up Artist: Sophia Paftis

Graphic Designer: Max Milly

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