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Inspired by the titular murmuration of starlings, Candice McKay, using Davines products, was motivated by geometric shapes, cuts, sectioning patterns and hues of these magical birds for her Murmuration collection. The group of images harnesses the creatures’ feathers, luminous and dynamic colour as changed from different angles and open, textural wings in its aesthetic essence. From an editorial standpoint, the collection strikes a balance in its organic shape and geometry.

Candice drew on her editorial, artistic and competition experience in the South African and Irish hair communities, creating aspirational short hair looks alongside a sleek long hair look in the collection. Modern, black and white fashion, bold accessories and tattoo art and geometric, artistic makeup complete the collection.

With various techniques, undercuts, unique texture, bold and diverse hues and a range of shapes, Candice shows off the diversity of short hair as inspired by the beauty of nature and starling birds.


Cut and Colour – Candice Mckay

Photography – John Rawson

Styling – Jared Green

Makeup – Maddie Austin

Video – Derrick Pitts

Assistants – Guinevere Miller & Gareth Strydom

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