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Minimal and exuding sophisticated restraint, the Muse collection offers stark, black and white editorial hair as a juxtaposition to the cluttered, strenuous and over-stimulated world we live in. Elle Schoemaker proves that sometimes the beauty is in the strong and simple.

The collection is an ode to the modern muse and a dedication to the refined creative influence that inspires contemporary hair artists. The collection is comprised of bold shapes, flashes of light and dark within a black and white palette, asymmetrical cuts and unique textures in order to capture the audience, evoke power and confidence and demand attention in a society that’s constantly calling for attention in all areas. This is a collection of images that makes you stop and take notice in a world that rarely stops moving.

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Hair: Elle Schoemaker

Colour: Kristie Kesic

Photography: Sarah Fountain

MUA: Gemma Elaine

Clothing: Tamzen Holland


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