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With colour by Laurianne Baesa and style and cut by Damian Dussert, Neon is a welcome hybrid collection inspired by a futuristic universe. The woman in focus has a new bohemian aesthetic anchored by paradoxical colours and styling techniques and created through Redken products and technology.

Laurianne’s colour look boasts sweet and sour shades of red, orange, gold and purple overlayed on blonde bases, with the unique application techniques and purposefully clashing hues inspired by the never-ending lights of Times Square. Vibrant, overlapping hues in the fashion styling and backdrop further add to this bright overall aesthetic.

Similarly, the haircuts by Damian make use of long and short styles to intentionally clash volumes, lengths and textures. Disconnecting layers, asymmetrical sections and raw lines also add to this unorthodox aesthetic, which looks to the future of styling with bold and daring techniques drawn from right now. See the full collection below.

Hair: Laurianne Baesa, Damien Dussert
Photo: Weronika Kosinska
Make-up: Natasza Bigos
Stylism: Joanna Wolff
Coaching: Christophe Gaillet
Production: MK Production

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