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View the Nude Collection

A new neutral-toned group of images from concept, using milk_shake, present the next must-see look book of the season.

The collection is made to showcase colour that defines shapes from the ideal basis of nude tones, with an elegant, classy and neutral overall aesthetic. The monochromatic hues have an iridescent nature, with glamorous accents and a timeless sophistication. Allow them to inspire you.


Creative Direction Hair Team: Andrea Brasola, Paolo Venzo, concept Education Team

Hair Stylist Team: Diego Avellini, Carmine Spartano

Hair Colourist Team: Xandra Pardo, Hugo Ferreira

Session Hairstylist: Nicholas James

Photographer: Kamil Strudzi Nski

Art Direction: Maja Wiszniewska

Fashion Stylist: Riccardo Linarello

Makeup Artist: Mary Cesardi

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