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Aspirational colour made to portray the way the light dances and moulds around the texture of hair is the thematic and aesthetic anchor of the Refracted collection, with hair colour and style achieved by Sanja Scher of rokk ebony. This technique illuminates vibrant hues and soft tones in equal measure, offering the power of colour skill in inspiring editorial ways.

“The Refracted Collection is inspired by the reflection of light and colour, observed in an abstract sense of the natural world,” Sanja said. “Originally, stimulated by the striking beauty of Melbourne’s blooming spring, I began to view the pigments that saturated the perceivable world as their own abstract entities.”

These hair concepts are the main focus of each image, but a clever technique of mirrors and mirrored paper on set adds another dimension to reflect the colours and offer additional movement. Minimal and clean makeup brought out strong cheekbones and statement brows, while never detracting from the hair, with no fashion styling to also allow the hair to shine.

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Hair, Colour, & Styling: Sanja Scher

Photography & Make-Up: Chung-Yang Su

Salon: rokk ebony, Melbourne

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