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Collections that are nominated for the category of Artistic Team of the Year represent the best of the hairdressing team – a combination of artistry, teamwork and salon synergy are used in creating a group of images worth being inspired by in more ways than one. Royals Hair was recently named as a finalist in this category of the upcoming Australian Hair Fashion Awards, with team members Mary Alamine, Travis Bandiera, Emma Göttwald and Elie Kashi, each with a myriad of awards and extensive experience to their names, working together to create the Resurrection collection.

Inspired by an Ornamental Pear Tree outside of Mary Alamine’s home, particularly the various transformations it goes through during each season, the team created a collection based on life, death and rebirth. Texture drawn from the aesthetic of fragile branches in winter was at the centre of the idea, with each look ultimately representing the eternal cycle of change, from gloomy and dark to bright and beautiful.

Every facet of the collection was utilised to represent this theme, such as the fashion styling that showcased the light element in these juxtapositions, with a focus on light, flowy, flowery high-fashion dresses, as well as mesh and soft detailing and the exhibition of plenty of skin.

The makeup and beauty choices prioritised natural features, radiant highlights and subtle contouring, while coating the eyes in shimmering, bronze earthy tones. Bolder touches on the lips offered a sense of colour and power. The lighting and backdrop of the shoot was made clear and bright to highlight these features as well as the intricate hair with a granite background to offer strength and complement the colour in the details.

Lastly and most importantly the hair played with bold textures, shapes and volume, with both short and long looks, shaved sections, wispy textures to more rough feels, and more compacted shapes to those that mimicked the long, billowing arms of a tree. Each look celebrated diverse skills, while all following the theme and ultimately leaving the viewer with a sense of wonder and whimsy.

View the images below.

Hair: Mary Alamine, Travis Bandiera, Emma Göttwald & Elie Kashi
Photography: David Mannah
Makeup: Chereine Waddell
Styling: Angela Liang
Salon: Royals Hair

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