Australian hair icon Kobi Bokshish has debuted the Retro Waste collection, a black and white group of images that present different hair shapes and structures to inspire the industry.

Innovative ponytails, bold and detailed short hair looks and Avant Garde hair shapes define the collection. With a black and white palette, a variance of texture and tones showcases the nuance of each look, while glistening stylistic fashion choices also bring the images far beyond the screen.

Hero looks include a dual-toned bob that gives the illusion of paint dripping down the frame of the model’s face, a layered short hair look shot from the back that highlights sculptural details and an elongated, textured ponytail that shows off instant movement.

The collection presents a unified aesthetic theme, while each image brings its own unique intrigue and inspiration. Check out the full collection below.


Hair: Kobi Bokshish @kobibokshish

Salon: Intershape Hairstylists @intershapehair

Photo: David Mannah @davidmannah

Stylist: Josie McManus @josie.mcmanus

Make-up: Pablo Morgade @pabsartist

Video: Jarred Stedman @jarredstedman