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View the Simplicity Collection by Sally Brooks

Sally Brooks’ Simplicity draws you in and knocks you down all in one breathless, awe-inspiring glance.

Winning British Hairdresser of the Year at the Hairdressers Journal International’s British Hairdressing Awards amongst a highly competitive field comes down to technical brilliance, inimitable talent and a concept that cuts through the noise. For 2018 winner Sally Brooks that concept was Simplicity.

“This collection is all about the beauty of simplicity – the shoot day had a really organic feel where it was about capturing a moment of natural beauty and effortless style,” Sally explained. “I wanted the hair to breathe, working with natural undertones in the hair colour and simple textures that are not overworked, allowing each picture to have a beautiful moment of simplicity.”

The images each utilised the same white linen dress transformed to suit each model, emotion and aesthetic, all shot against a muted grey backdrop with saturated photography and glowing, natural beauty choices. Each model’s raw beauty, diversity and aesthetic was focused on, with a dream-like quality to the overall images that made the finished looks painting-like. “This collection is about all the elements working together and capturing simplicity at its best,” Sally confirmed.

Allow these images to inspire you.


Hair: Sally Brooks at Brooks & Brooks, London

Makeup: Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Styling: Ann Shore

Photographs: Jenny Hands

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