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View the Team Collection by the Stevie English Hair Team

The incomparable Steve Corthine and his incredible Stevie English Hair team have fittingly debuted the Team collection, a diverse and colourful example of the dynamism in hair.

“My inspiration was something that I read about colour and texture in fabric – that colours appear different depending on how the fabric absorbs or reflects light,” Steve said. “I have always referred to hair as my ‘fabric’ and this concept really spoke to me. Kobi Bokshish and I have created texture in each hairstyle that can make the colour appear more intense, and playing, double textures and smooth shapes allowed light to give the colour more dimension. The styling – both hair and clothing – was designed to complement the colour work. The depth in the colour is accentuated by the hair texture and style, which was my plan.”

The audacious collection speaks to a movement in consumer trends that Steve has seen in colour, where social media trends and changing values in hair mean bold colour is more commonplace.

“This particular collection is almost ‘natural’ colour for me! My clients have been moving towards more adventurous colours for years, as bright colours and non-traditional tones become more and more wearable,” Steve explained. “My previous collections have featured very obviously bright colours and I have pared it back slightly this year to really show how versatile hair colour can be but also to show that hair trends are more muted.

Clients can see now more than ever that highlights don’t have to be blonde and lowlights brown. They can be any colour they choose that work together, and can work with the texture of their hair to create tonal variety. The possibilities are endless.”

Check out the full collection below.



Hair by: Stevie English Hair Team

Salon: Stevie English Hair

Photographer: David Mannah

Colour Inspiration by Steve Corthine

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