Pauline McCabe’s memorable Unreal collection is here to inspire you. The collection was nominated for Australian Hairdresser of the Year at the Australian Hair Industry Awards (Creative), with a bold sci-fi aesthetic anchored by vivid hues and a glam aesthetic as informed by our current times.

“This collection reflects the times we have been in, where we are now and what is ahead,” Pauline said. “The worldwide events that we find ourselves in, are quite unreal and the collection reflects that, at times we have felt our selves to be almost in a sci-fi movie.”

“I wanted to reflect that in the images and then also a sense of hope, optimism, a coming back to connectedness. The colours I have chosen in the images are inspired by the artist Olafur Eliasson, who uses colours to evoke experience through his artwork.”

Blurring the line between editorial hair and art, discover Unreal.

Photographic Credits:

Hairdresser: Pauline McCabe
Photographer: Derec Ethan Lee
Stylist: Paul O’Connor
Makeup Artist: Hendra Widjaja