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Crafted by the legendary Dmitri Papas of Papas + Pace salon, the We Can Be Heroes collection was shot to highlight the intrinsic hero that exists in every man, an emotive, powerful statement told through hair and photography.

“Each look lets the character of the man be shown purely through mood, hair and aesthetic, without reliance on clothes, location or makeup,” Dmitri said. “The models are men who have lived and wear the scars of life proudly. By incorporating a unique blend of artistic and fashion photography, We Can Be Heroes allows the true nature of the individual to shine through.”

Diverse, intermittently wild hair looks utilise braids, an afro style, wet hair, short looks and undercuts to champion versatility and connect each image in their simplicity, bold muted photography and strength in each image and man. The myriad of hair looks also provide the ideal inspiration to take back to your salon or barbershop.

View the full collection below.


Hair: Dmitri Papas
Salon: Papas & Pace
Photography: Steven Chee
Corner Men: Richard Kavanagh, Justin Pace, Michael Cominus


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