Kristie Kesic of Stelios Papas Toowong presents the Wild Embers collection, as aesthetically inspired by a glowing fragment against smouldering ashes. The commercial collection offers versatile and dynamic colour techniques that will inspire in salon and catch the eye with moveable hues, dynamic styling and bold photography.

“Complementary and layered colours draws the eyes to the movement created in the style,” Kristie said. “By using colours within the same colour family, it gives the whole style and collection continuity and cohesion. Intentionally placed internal colour pulls the eyes in to discover every element of each style without overpowering. Visual placement allows a unique and personalised application on every canvas. It allows highs and lows to contour shape, layer tones and simulate movement and dimension. The colour work allows the texture of the styles to be revealed and makes it aesthetically pleasing.”

The collection shows the important interplay between shape movement, cut and colour, with a fluidity of hues producing an overall feeling of tranquillity. The colours create dimension, tone and texture to show the dynamism possible within haircuts.

“Wild Ember is a highly commercial collection. Although creative, it shows consumers that by using several shades of colour within the same family you can create dimension and personalisation resulting in something unique,” she said. “The creative applications used can be translated directly to salon clients. The colour can be reinterpreted and reinvented for any shade to create a consumer visual that is a softer or stronger desired result.”

The hair styling complements the collection as inspired by the beauty in the different textures when the fire is fading, and the embers are burning brightly, with plenty of curls, waves and movement in various shapes and textures. Fashion styling and makeup continues the aesthetic with metallic fashion pieces and soft, dewy beauty.

Check out the full collection below.


Collection name: Wild Embers

Hair Colourist: Kristie Kesic @kristiekesic @steliospapastoowong

Hair Stylist : Elle Schoemaker

Photographer : Anniss and Barton

Make Up: Gemma Elaine

Stylist: Jess Collins