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Queensland hairdresser Carole Haddad presents a collection built on strength, with bold, ‘it girl’ hues, styles and cuts that pull focus and dominate social media with their brilliance. Carole captures that girl as the ultimate Zuri woman in this collection.

This strong woman as showcased in the collection is shown as a leader and attention-getter, who turns heads as she enters the room and exudes confidence. Carole pictured her as an effortless influencer whose hair, beauty and fashion naturally flows.

“Dreams, these looks have come from my dreams,” Carole said.  “This time I’ve not done the usual and taken influence from fashion, rather it’s been from my creative source, the pictures in my daydreams, from somewhere deep down inside.”

Creative and diverse looks fill the collection, from unique and tangible textures, to irregularly lined short cuts, long, vibrant dreadlocks, interesting bowl cuts paired with undercuts and original, artistic braids, all designed with rich, multi-dimensional hues.

These looks were paired with dramatic makeup, anchored by bold lips, sleek shiny fashion, predominantly hero piece jackets, and a moody, dark backdrop. When this girl walks into a room, she steals the show.

Check out the images below.


Hair by Carole Haddad

Salon: Corcorz Hair  

Photographer: John Rawson 

Make Up Artist: Lan Grealis 

Stylist: Jared Green

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