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Volunteer In The Pamper Room at the Women’s Retreat for Brain Cancer 2018

Sometimes an opportunity comes along that reminds you why you became a hairdresser in the first place, offering you the chance to use your hairdressing super powers for good and help those in need. With that in mind, the Women’s Retreat for Brain Cancer 2018, held at Waurn Ponds Estate in Victoria, will be hosting a Pop Up Pamper Room on October 20 to treat all 60 guests, and they’re looking for volunteers.

Pamper Room 2017

The pamper room will cater to women who have the collective experience of being connected to this terrible disease, either as patients themselves, or as the carer, friend or relative of someone who has brain cancer, or those who have recently lost a loved one to the disease.

The pamper room will run in 2 hour session that each cater to 20 women in 4 30 minute stations, which will include makeup, hair and nail care, as well as concurrent massage services running alongside these stations.

Pamper Room 2017

This pamper room requires the work of volunteers and hair and beauty professionals to allow for a low ticket price for the guests, with donations, volunteer work and sponsors accounting for catering, transport, guests speakers, gift bags, activities and the day of pampering across the event. This means hairdressers must both donate their time and utilise their own products and tools if possible.

Pamper Room 2017

The sessions will run from 8:45am to 5pm and hairdressers who are beginning from the morning session will be required from 8:15am, with the option to start at later sessions if possible. The day also includes a lunch event where all volunteers are welcome, and tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day as well.

“This will be one very memorable day and one that I am positive you will personally find rewarding and fun,” said founder/director of the event, Bec Picone. “These ladies are so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to come to this retreat and especially to be pampered. For some this may be the first pamper they have had in an extremely long time. Our retreat weekend is all about distraction for these ladies and connecting them with others on a very similar difficult journey. It’s a chance for them to rejuvenate, connect and have a whole lot of fun.”

Pamper Room 2017

So get out your tools and your superhero cape and go do something seriously good with those hair skills. The rewards speak for themselves.

For more information visit or contact Bec on 0411 382 457

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