Hair Expo 2018 is now just a crazy memory, but we’re still holding onto the insights, inspiration and creativity we witnessed over the three days. Between the education rooms, stages, floors, parties and events it was hard, actually impossible, to be everywhere, so we’re bringing you a treat right here. If you missed GenNext 2018, where the industry’s greatest young stars created bold, Avant Garde looks in conceptual, entertaining shows to delight you, we have every show on video below. This includes the closing Matrix Playground show created by their inimitable education team, an unmissable showcase broken into four parts below.

The evening was supported by Matrix and INSTYLE as we champion young, unbridled and promising talent at its very peak. Check out our recap of the evening here, and then watch the shows you missed (or simply want to relive, we don’t blame you), below.

1. Kabuki by Box Hill Institute

2. Youth Undecided by Ibiza Hair

3. Patchwork Angel by M Collective

4. The Masters Institute of Creative Education Program Korean Artists

5. OBEAH by NZ New Generation

6. Found by Revolution Hairdressing

7. Misfits by UK FAME Team, in collaboration with BaByliss PRO

8. House of Talent by Matrix Hot Shots 

9. Matrix Playground