Western Australian salon chain Circles has won acclaim and a myriad of awards for its business acumen, with salon leader and renowned educator Sharlene Lee and business partner Jess Marie Del Borrello always ensuring the business is going above and beyond and thinking outside the box.

Circles Xpresso is the latest addition to that mentality, utilising unused space to create a coffee window that increases business, draws attention and seamlessly integrates with their other hair services.

Jess Marie Del Borrello and Sharlene Lee

“Since opening up Circles on Fitzgerald, there were always plans to make the most of unused space and diversify the business with the addition of a coffee window,” Sharlene explained. “We believed that this could expand our market and increase the amount of people passing by, which we could market into potential clients with possibilities of loyalty cards and introducing a combination of hair services to the hardcore coffee drinkers of Perth.”

“After three years focusing on hair and building up a successful sister salon to our established Subiaco location, we are now both looking forward to consistently growing our brand with our new expansion while we all get caffeinated at the new Circles Xpresso. You never know, we might just open another one in our Subiaco location,” she continued.

This savvy business choice had a soft launch complete with balloons, and everything from the decor to the cups keeps within Circles’ chic aesthetic. Congratulations to Circles for upselling, marketing and satisfying both clients and passersby all in one!