Imagine a rainbow inspired, semi-permanent direct dye with long lasting colour that last up to fifty washes – we welcome you Staino by Evo Fab Pro.

Evo Fab Pro celebrates the launch of their newest brainchild Staino intense direct dyes the only way they know how at a fun and colourful event held at OX Bar in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Between drinks and mingling with the Haircare Australia family, Evo Education Director’s Lauren McCowan and Jay Kownacki took centre stage to run guests through what Staino vivid colours can accomplish and reminding us of Evo’s mission to keep the beauty industry honest.

Staino is the vivid counterpart to Fab Pro and provides more vibrant and intense colours to the Fab Pro colour wheel. With Staino colour comes a complete new colour chart for inspiring new colours shades from vivid jade green to blends of pinks into purples which was showcased on stage at the launch.

“Staino is fully intermixable, empowering colourists to use our pallet of 10 shades to create their own unique formulas,” shared Lauren.

The products offer an incredibly high concentration of pigment – like fluro bright- colour with long lasting colour retention while containing nourishing ingredients that seal the cuticle and condition hair, reaching frizz and adding shine.

“We have created Staino using a very high pigment load, resulting in colour that not only lasts up to 50 washes, but that also fades true to tone,” added Jay.

In-between the showcased hair candy we were reminded of what evo stands for with their recent marketing campaign to, “Don’t Buy It” when everyone else in the industry is tell you to do the opposite. The evo mission time and time again is to tell the truth, expose the frauds and keep the beauty industry honest all while create effective and simple to use products.

Staino achieves what it set out to do and as always from the Evo team, does without costing the earth. The product is vegan and cruelty free, made without sulphates and parabens. Staino’s box packaging is even completely recyclable and bio-degradable, made from a combination of wood-free pulp and cotton fibres so you can stress less about its environmental footprint.

It is another must-have. product innovation by the team and Evo and we can see it giving the bright loving colour clients exactly what they have been looking for to add on to their Fab Pro counterpart for at home touch ups.

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