The future is officially now, and you’ll believe it when you discover piiq, the new digital consultation tool for salons. The tool, debuted by local hairdressing legend Richard Kavanagh, can either be put over salon mirrors or replace them entirely, substituting the usual reflective glass with a reflective digital interface, where you can discover more about your clients, their hair, their routine and their preferences for a better salon experience.

The mirrors can be mounted or hung in position and come with a custom hand held tablet and exclusive login for each hairdresser. In the initial consultation, and in updating appointments, clients can select and save important facts about them, from their aesthetic preferences, to their beauty icons, hair routines, activities and work environment.

The interface conducts a face shape analysis in order to identify celebrities with a similar face shapes to showcase prospective styles and cuts to suit that shape. It also records a colour history and delves into the client’s hair regime, connecting to relevant retail options and allowing the client to order right there for home delivery or to take from the salon. The tool records a 360 degree of the view of the hair look and takes a photo with its impeccable lighting that the client can directly share to social media for added exposure for your salon. It ends with re-booking capabilities to finish off the appointment.

The interface has been launched to deal with stats Richard has found that say that 95 per cent of stylists believe they do a full and thorough consultation for every client, but only 7 per cent of clients feel they’ve ever actually had one. It allows the hairdresser to recommend retail without feeling pushy or uncomfortable, offering a new method as part of the streamlined piiq process to boost retail sales. The in-built connection to social media is vital as well – with the great lighting and new hair look clients will be inclined to post about their hair and your business, without the hairdresser having to feel like they’re asking them to do it as a favour.

The tool is now being launched as part of the piiq PRIME program, which is an exclusive opportunity for 100 salons only across Australasia to be the first to experience piiq. These salons will be highlighted in consumer media campaigns, have media and social media opportunities with publications and influencers to increase exposure to their salons, and receive a substantial discount on their subscription.

These salons will be selected due to a number of criteria, choosing from any salon that applies before July 31. That could be you – apply now and step into the incredible technological future that is somehow here today.

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