It’s fitting that the viral hair trend that popped up over the festive season was based primarily around glitter, and you’ll be happy to know that hair portmanteaus have made their way into 2018. Meet Glitterage, the union between balayage and, you guessed it, glitter. Since becoming popular over the festive season, hairdressers worldwide have been creating and hashtagging the trend, with Denver hairdresser and balayage pioneer Danielle Wade receiving almost 80,000 views on a how-to video of the trend.

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The trend takes the balayage application process defined by hand painting techniques, but uses glitter within the application. Online creations run the gamut – some taking the look full mermaid, with strong balayage ends that have the wearer looking peak unicorn. Others are more subtle, creating pretty and surprisingly wearable glitter accents, and styling them to have greater effect as worn in braids or up styles. While colour is a complete matter of preference, teal and gold seem to be social media favourites.

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The Glitterage hair trend has officially cemented itself the first insane global hair trend of the year, being featured in online publications such as Metro, Teen Vogue, Elite Daily, Cosmopolitan and more.

We’re all trying to salvage whatever bit of Christmas spirit we have left, and the way to do that in salon is with a healthy dose of glitter. If this trend speaks to you, try your talents with the Instagram community and you could start off 2018 by going viral.