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Welcome the Kaleidoscope Hair Trend

The Beatles sang about the girl with kaleidoscope eyes, now your clients will be the girls with kaleidoscope hair, thanks to an all-new viral rainbow hair trend captivating social media audiences. The dreamy colour trend, also titled ‘watercolour rainbow hair’ or ‘rainbow river’ hair, was created by Portland colourist Lindsay Wolf, whose alluring pastel hues and complementary braids have taken Instagram and the online media by storm.

Mentioned on online sites such as INSIDER, Allure and hello magazine, the candy-coloured rainbow looks were inspired by the natural hues and real-life rainbows of the Pacific Northwest. The trend is unique amongst Instagram’s many weekly crazes for its soft pastel aesthetic and subtle transitions from colour to colour.

“I knew I wanted it to be a softer take on bolder rainbow hair looks I’d been seeing a lot of,” Lindsay told Allure. “I wanted the shades to look fluid, as though they were melting into each other, not being able to see where each colour begins or ends.”

Obviously the client’s hair needs to be suitably lightened to an icy platinum blonde, and Lindsay used a combination of #Mydentity colour and Pulp Riot powder to create the looks, alternating between four different colour pattern combinations.

It’s not often colour trends enthral you (and your clients) with a dreamy, soft but still somewhat innovative take on rainbow colour. We’ll know you’ll be bringing out your colours to create this one.

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