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Meet The New Men’s Grooming: Redken Brews

What does malt in whiskey have in common with Redken Brews? Well, while it may be hard to believe that fermented grain mash is good for the hair – Redken has proved us wrong with the most comprehensive line up of men’s grooming we’ve seen hit the market in quite some time, writes Cameron Pine.

When Redken first launched their complete men’s range, Redken For Men, more than a decade ago in Australia, the brand was ahead of the curve, shaping men’s grooming habits and taking charge of a new frontier in beauty – one that now represents 15 per cent of a 352 million market at an impressive 52 million. Redken Brews is a response to the need for innovation and the charge towards men feeling confident no matter what their style.

Globally, it was fifty years ago that Redken launched the first grooming lines for men and now the focus is on providing styling inspiration and innovation to new generations – and we’re not just talking a typically older Whiskey drinking demographic, Redken Brews has managed to pull off a somewhat millennial meets masculine portfolio.

Designed to appeal to men who love their malt and wish to embark on a stoic journey to becoming a true individual, Redken Brews is designed to free men of styling limitations, from beard to back and sides and that in-salon feeling akin to Redken.

As the fortunate first to touch and feel, guests gathered at Melbourne’s Starward Distillery in Melbourne, it was an exciting moment as the first round of lifestyle loving men (and women) to learn about the how and the why and sit up close and personal with the savvy line up.

Mark Twain once said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.” And guests quickly learnt this for themselves. Sniffing, sipping and some sculling some of the best Whiskey our country has to offer – quintessentially Melbourne, Starwood’s factory meet’s cool warehouse bar space not only stores kegs of the fine stuff but opens to the public to experience, take a tour and herald all things great and small about the finest malt of all. They use only the finest ingredients to gain the finest result – brand values shared with the new Redken Brews.

Models and dancers each carried a series of hero looks that the range conquers to showcase the true versatility of the collection from long to short and everything in between. We went from the short preppy side part of the 60s, to the 70s looser ‘freedom of speech’ styles, to 90s more architectural and geometric shapes and back again, but ultimately the greatest asset for men is that no matter their style, Redken Brews masters a somewhat neater appearance.

Fast forward to the product formulations and malt is a key ingredient for nourishment in this power-packed comprehensive new men’s grooming range. “The whiskey is what creates the hydration in our Redken Brews family,” Redken National Education Manager Karen Strano said.

The easy on the eye collection responds to the growing diversity in men’s fashion, comprising 23 products across styling, haircare and even skincare – because after a big night on the malt every man’s skin needs the right pH too. There’s even hair colour, with the prized colour camo maintaining its stance as a key pre-curser to the ultimate men’s in-salon experience.

There’s a Daily Shampoo and a Conditioner (that can be added to any other product in the range) as well as an Extra Clean Shampoo, a Mint Shampoo for those die-hard clean feeling fans, a Silver shampoo – whether it’s grey toning or cooling down some of those awkward warm tones. Styling is as equally an arsenal with a Wax Pomade, Clay Pomade, Maneuver Cream Pomade, Outplay Texture Pomade, Grip Tight Holding Gel, Dishevel Fiber Cream, Work Hard Moulding Paste, Hairspray for Men, Get Groomed Finishing Crème and a Shave Cream and Beard and Skin Oil (coming soon). But to really understand the line-up, Redken believe the experts in salon teamed with these products will create the ultimate men’s salon aesthetic and not just because of the unique Brew inspired bottle design.

“Redken Brews stays true to Redken’s NYC heritage and mission by delivering trendsetting products and services that respond to the modern man,” said Redken General Manager Erwin Santos.

With dancers, an almost too expensive to touch Harley Davidson and dude food (think fried chicken on waffles with maple syrup), guests felt the need to stick around. The scent of malt brewing in the background and the bravado of the Brews scent mixed with tunes, good company and models – it was hard not to want to take a bit of the Brew life home.

For salons and consumers alike it seems Redken has brewed a new kind of men’s market with Redken Brews. They aren’t just finishing hair, they’ve groomed it and want you to have a good time in the process. Are you up for the challenge?

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