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Welcome the New Rubicorn Hair Look

Aussie star Ruby Rose is often inspiring professionals and consumers with her beauty and fashion style, and an all-new hair colour created by celebrity hairdresser Riawna Capri, of Nine Zero One salon, and created with Olaplex used her as a muse.

As the name would suggest, the vibrant hair look was named for the star, taking her beyond her usual blonde or brunette hues to something particularly bold.

“I created this ‘violet moon’ colour for her a few weeks ago, which was easier to achieve as her hair was already bleach blonde,” Riawna said. “This time, we wanted to take it a step further… Rubicorn!”

Lilac and lavender hues were used on the bottom and top roots, while Riawna also added a diluted sapphire blue to the tips. On Rose’s front piece of hair, there was a soft pink for a unique finish. Olaplex was used during the process for ultimate repair, strength and health of the hair during this bold change. The iconic technology increases elasticity and prevents breakage through extreme lightening and colour transformations, revolutionsing the way hairdressers approach colours since its launch in 2014.

Arm yourself with these must-have tools and bring the Rubicorn look to your salon, inspiring your clients with a new bold change on Australia’s ultimate muse.

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