A range of teas and vitamins are here for you to sell on shelf and offer to clients for healthy hair. Alongside your salon’s impeccable service and retail finds, these new options provide a complementary addition in a day and age where supplements are both trending and big business. As such, welcome Trico.Lab.

The teas are organic, naturopath approved, naturally caffeine free and best consumed daily for optimal results. The Detox Tea is made to condition, revitalise and repair hair, detoxing the scalp and hair follicles for healthier hair overall. The unique blend of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants will thicken hair, reduce breakage and split ends and increase hair elasticity. The tea addresses stress-related dry scalp, dandruff and hair loss, solving those issues and building shine.

The Regenerate Tea promotes hair growth to nourish, strength and thicken hair. It fights hair loss and shedding by preventing hair follicles from welling shut and providing regenerative properties to pro-long the growth cycle of your hair.

The brand’s Good Hair Vitamins are offered in an eight week supply, when taken once a day. It supports healthy, shiny hair with seven essential nutrients that improve scalp and hair health, aiding dry skin and dandruff, as well as hair breakage and thinning. The vitamins boost collagen, elastin and keratin production and protect cells and tissue from free radical damage.

These savvy supplements are available to salons via Three Six Five Salon Group, becoming the ideal stocking stuffers or cash register must-haves this season.

For more information visit www.365salongroup.com