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Welcome the New Virtue Brand

Welcome Virtue to the Australian hair landscape, which recently launched in Sydney at the acclaimed Edwards and Co space in Surry Hills. The new brand titles itself as a biotech company to repair hair, rather than another haircare company, built on the first of its kind scientific discovery of Alpha Keratin 60kuĀ®. This hero ingredient is touted to truly change the health and quality of hair.

The feature ingredient is a whole, human protein born from regenerative medicine, and it is the first and only ingredient of its kind, whereas the hydrolysed keratin found in most hair care is a fragmented protein sourced from animal by-products like wool, hooves, and feathers. Virtue extracts their form of keratin from ethically-sourced human hair, which the body recognises and uses to truly fight damage. With just a few uses, the products drastically reduce frizz, repair split ends, increase thickness and hugely aid colour vibrancy.

The brand includes 18 products across four product families of Care, Correct, Create and Refresh. These products include recover, smooth and full shampoo and conditioners in the Care line to rebuild, manage and thicken hair respectively. A Restorative Treatment Mask, Un-Frizz cream and Split End Serum ensure specified transformative treatments in the Correct range, while the Create group of products offers a 6-in-1 Styler, primers, sprays, powders and more to volumise, lift, texturise and shape the hair as necessary. The Refresh range purifies and detoxes the hair with a shampoo, leave-in conditioner and dry shampoo for total freshness.

Welcome the new products to your salon and put the full focus on modern technology and extensive research in total hair health, care and style.

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