In news that will shock absolutely no one, it turns out that the endless array of online hair trends are somewhat cyclical, re-trading classic ideas and old trends with new spins to take over Instagram and the global media landscape. The latest iteration of that whole concept is Hollywood Opal hair, an old-school, ultra-glam Hollywood style with translucent and opulent Opal colour.

A version of Opal Hair was already a viral hair trend almost three years ago (the Internet never forgets), but where that trend was the fusion of Granny grey hair and bold rainbow colour, creating iridescent, metallic, colourful hair, this new trend takes away any grey hair undertones and instead has a platinum blonde base. With this platinum blonde starting point, the undertones are diluted with a violet-based toner and then pastel colours are added for a softer, more delicate rainbow colour look courtesy of the trend’s creators, Mike and Melody Lowenstein.

Unlike many other viral trends, this one prioritises both colour and style, with the ‘Hollywood’ aspect of the look derived from its glamourous, classic Hollywood waves. The innovative colour and classic style create the ideal fusion of new and old that consumers, hairdressers and media organisations seem to be totally on board with. The look has been featured on global online publications such as Vogue, Allure, Metro, marie claire and more. The always enigmatic #opalhair hashtag has nearly 20,000 Instagram hits, many of them in recent days.

Appealing to the progressive and classic aesthetic elements in your wheelhouse, the Hollywood Opal hair trend personifies the phrase “same, same but different”, innovating looks we already love to turn them into something new, and captivating your clients’ interest in the process. Definitely one to explore, create and add to your Insta.